The FHS Alumni Association is nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization under 
​Tax ID Number 47-4250994.

Alumni association bylaws. (Coming Soon)


Judy Ballard Connors  (‘63) – President

​ -or- (281)960-4629

Terrie Beicker Biediger  (‘67) – Vice President/Secretary -or- (281)923-3816

Allison Abbey Cravens  (‘94) – Vice President/Events & Development -or- (713)408-2781

Teresa Lippert Ehrman  (‘88) – Vice President/Marketing & Communications -or- (281)236-2637

Angie Morgan Vegas  (‘88) – Vice President/Treasurer -or- (281)827-2667  

Chelsie Morgan Calhoun  (‘98) – Chair, Social Media -or- (832)878-8152

Janis Jarvis ('75) - Chair, Records and Data -or- (832)687-8343 


Terri Linder-Britt ('88) - Chair, Scholarships -or- (832)577-8186 

About the Alumni Association

"Our sole purpose is to grow a strong and vibrant Alumni Association. We hope you will join us and help us to promote an organization that will provide opportunities for the students of Friendswood High School and the community at large. There is strength in numbers...and we know that with the power of Mustang pride, which is the invisible thread that binds us all, we can be successful, and have the greatest alumni association in the country!"  

​Judy Ballard Connors

Founding Officers